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ok2kt2 29th Jun, 2015+1
I received the following text message on my cell: 'Free Text Msg: Citi Cards Fraud Dept. Did you attempt a charge at in the amount of $1680.00 on 6-29? Yes, reply 1, No,reply 2. You may also call 8003866624 and enter pin 1665638. To Opt-Out reply STOP."
drgoodie 17th Apr, 2015+0
The people calling themselves "fraud busters" or such are full of it. I called the number on the back of my credit card and there have been multiple unauthorized attempts to use my card today. $129 at Kroger and $583 at Walgreen. I have in my possession the ONLY card that was issued. So someone is creating fake cards. I have not used this card for over a year. NOW ALL OF THESE SO CALLED "SHILLS" LIKE ME ARE SAYING: CALL THE NUMBER ON THE BACK OF YOUR CARD. So how can they be shills? Grow up.
Amanda May 14th Jan, 2015+0
I received a call and text from this number. After searching online I thought it was a fraud, but I checked my account online and I had the exact "usually activity" in my statement that the voicemail mentioned. I called the Citibank number on the back of my card and they shut my account down and are sending me a new card. I have no idea why everyone is saying this is a isn't..if you get this call and you have a Citibank card, just call the number on the back of your card (I didn't call this number directly, I called the official Citibank number). Better safe than sorry!
Pissed 10th Nov, 2013+1
This is legit . Citi is sending me new card overnight at no cost . I called number on back and verified .
Theresab 13th Aug, 2013+1
This is not a scam. I got a call and two texts and did not return because this web site had comments about the number being a scam. When i got home from work I had a message on my home phone so I called the number on the back of my credit card instead of this number and found out that my credit card info had been stolen and they just tried to chg $422 to Walmart. If this number calls you I suggest you take it serious and contact your credit card company.
Waitaminute 4th Dec, 2012+2
The number is 100% legitimate. After receiving several Robo calls, and returning the calls, and speaking to a representative, I immediately directly dialed the Citibank number printed on my credit card. The representative at Citibank verified every detail of my call with this number, and I have received email confirmation as well. If anything starts to smell fishy, I will report it here immediately. Otherwise treat this as a legitimate fraud warning.
FraudBuster 17th Feb, 2012+3
I verified with the bank that the number is not valid - a phishing scam. Third call I received in the last month, all claiming to be from different banks. The fake shill postings claiming the number is genuine look like other shill postings for various other banks - very obviously fake:
TR 6th Feb, 2012+0
800-386-6624 robo call really is a Citi number. Don't blame those who claim otherwise because almost all such cases really are scams. It was on my daughter's card and I recognized the number from the LAST time she had one of these. This one was from a gas station. Entered wrong zip code at gas pump, went inside station, noticed line was long, went back to pump and tried again using correct zip code and it worked. Alert sent to Citi with both a $1 charge and the regular fill-up cost. Why the $1 charge? Probably to generate alert. She called Citi USING THE NUMBER ON THE BACK OF HER CARD and cleared it up.
unknown 17th Jan, 2012+0
left a message that I had not responded to a recent mailing. Never said what bank only that they were changing my account number and wanted to issue a new number for uninterrupted use. They did say to call the number on the back of my card but which one? IDK.
FraudBuster 15th Dec, 2011+0
It's a widespread telephone fraud, with numerous shill postings claiming that it a "legitimate" Citibank number.
Stephen 10th Dec, 2011+1
Received 5 emails, and then about 10 calls every 20 minuets or so. I called citi bank customer service number located on my billing statement and they were able to verify that my card had Indeed been compromised with 13 unauthorized charges on the same day. So, it was not a phisshing scam. Closed card account and will receive a new one. Seems the merchant from Dollar Tree stores had the card compromised and was slamming it. Suggestion is to call immediately when notified.
scamalert 24th Oct, 2011+0
I received a call from this phone number and a message was left stating that it's Citi bank fraud department calling for a Ms. Martinez and that she needs' to call within 48 hours.
lorvi 24th Oct, 2011+0
Rec'd one call, re "your Citicard account, ending in XXXX, pls call this number and dial in a security code (which they have me)" way will I call an 800 number and start punching other codes in. No idea if it's legit or not, no option to get a person on the line when I called.
Ninheldin 19th Jul, 2011+2
This is a legitimate number for a VOIP or dial-around provider. People in Europe calling us appear with this caller ID number.
erhess 16th Jul, 2011+0
Calls come about 3x a day. No one says anything,so we hang up. WHO IS THIS??????
adf 15th Jul, 2011+1
Spoke with a Daniel. Says there is a file there in my name. The first call they were very persistent that they had to have payments immediately. Now they are more relaxed, and wanting to "work" with me. I'm just trying to find out if they are legitimate.
BJSC and annoyed 10th Jul, 2011+0
Annoying text soliciting for loans. They tell you to reply STOP to end.
TAIMA KEILA 10th Jul, 2011+0
Calls and then once called it picked up they hang up. Call back and get disconnected after a couple rings.
Aurelio Hurtado de M 9th Jul, 2011+0
Stupid!! Ive been waiting for a week to get an answer, Its a lock smith company, wow, someone has too much time on there hands!!!!
baranata 8th Jul, 2011+0
GreenTree - Very impolite and a genuine nuisance

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